Why I Write This Blog


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In September of this year (2016), as I approached my 50th birthday, I decided to create this free blog for one simple reason: I believed my perspectives and life experiences would help young people to identify, plan and achieve the goals best suited for their unique strengths and interests.

I did not draw this conclusion without an indepth analysis of my successes, nor without recognition of the mistakes and miscalculations I have made over my fifty years on the planet. Simply put, I want to help young people prepare for the future, because I have always valued helping young people in the past.

Throughout my life, it has been my core competency, my natural inclination, to help others overcome challenges by providing inspiration and clear perspectives to those who seek my counsel. I enjoy connecting with self-motivated young people who are in search of creative ideas and solutions in their quest to reach self-fulfillment.

As I think back to my earliest memories, I have always been a person that others gravitated towards for perspective. This applied to my older siblings, schoolmates, teammates, friends, peers and co-workers, regardless of culture, gender, race, religion, age, or any other perceived barrier.

I believe others sense in me a genuine interest to get involved, and recognize my record of personal achievement in a variety of endeavors. Additionally, many appreciate my accumulation of knowledge on the characteristics and habits of successful people, gained through a lifelong study of  past achievers.

They observe my sincere desire for self-improvement, and witness that I constantly strive towards meaningful goals with positive expectations and an infectious enthusiasm. Most importantly, they know that I value the personal connections and emotional rewards that come from helping another human being without regard for personal gain.

The evolution of technology has created an exceptional opportunity to increase the number of young people that can benefit from the sharing of valuable perspectives and experiences. In my busy life as a corporate bond salesman at Wells Fargo, and as a family man of three active children, I often wonder if I am contributing enough as a mentor.

This blog is the bridge that connects my goal to help more young people, with the limited time available.  The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, has additional significance to me.  As a youth, I was fearful of crossing it, yet it stood between me and a visit to the beach, so I crossed it.

My goal is to share this blog with as many of you who value the content contained in these posts. The target audience is wide ranging, and includes no particular demographic group, although Millennials (15-30 years old) may be best positioned to benefit. The connecting thread amongst this vast universe of potential readers, is your desire for self-improvement.

I intend to write clearly and candidly, with the integrity and directness that I have demonstrated throughout my life. I want to deliver meaningful content based on real life experiences, and not cookie cutter self-help solutions fired off without a thoughtful process.  I have decided to name the blog “The Wise Blackhawk”. This fun name is a play on my fascinating and defining seven year experience as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the US Army, but it also reflects my overall life experiences, intellectual curiosity and spirit of adventure.

My goal is to post two times per week, on a wide range of topics including self-improvement recommendations, financial markets, career planning, education, current events, as well as many other topics. The posts take about five hours to write, but I can assure you that I enjoy every minute of it.  The common theme will be the articulation of perspectives that I hope will improve your life.

Your feedback via the comments section is sincerely appreciated as I aim to deliver a meaningful product. I am very excited to embark on this exciting journey with you, and I hope the site helps you to succeed in whatever endeavor you choose to pursue…