Thoughts From The Farm, 03/02/17

OK, let me come clean.  I’m not a real farmer, but more like “gentleman farmer” or just “a guy with some land”.

The farm that I refer to in the “Thoughts From The Farm” posts, is the “farm” that all of us possess:  the mind.

With the mind, as in normal farming, we reap what we sow.  If we plant bad seeds, and avoid the intensive labor required to nurture the growth, we will harvest a a bad crop.

If we neglect our farm and do nothing, either weeds will grow in the fertile fields, or we will have nothing to harvest.  The mind, just like a fertile farm field, hates a vacuum, and usually fills it with undesireable growth.

So regarding the mind in this analogy, what do I mean by “planting bad seeds” or “avoiding intensive labor”?


If you engage in activities like reading, writing, stimulating conversation and interesting analytical exercises to challenge and grow your intellect, your mind will yield a higher level of intelligence.

If you listen to thought provoking pod-casts, attend seminars and skill building instruction, the fruits of your labor will benefit you.

Consequently, if you spend your free time playing video games, watching reality TV and Snap-chatting, does anyone doubt that you will develop a less capable and informed mind?

In the 2/26/17 post I mentioned the harm in associating with “negative” people.

But what if you are that negative person?

Then consider what seeds you have already planted, and determine if your music, social network, entertainment, environment are negative and producing an outcome that you don’t want.

If so, the pull out these “weeds”, and begin to plant positive seeds.  If you don’t know where to find positive seeds, start by reading a book about a positive person, as I described in the “Who Are The Knights At Your Roundtable Post”.

Remember, you can’t be a negative and a positive person, and doors usually open for positive people.

So here is a quick challenge:  For five days, don’t allow the weeds of negative thinking to exist in your mind.  If you dwell on a negative thought for more than one minute, re-set the clock until you go 5-days without dwelling on a negative thought.

Trust me, you will love the farm’s harvest when you beat the challenge!

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