Thoughts From The Farm, 03/01/17

For years, the nation has been divided on the major political issues, and this polarization has resulted in the vilification of the political leaders.

However, regardless of your political leanings, whether you are a Trump, Hillary, Obama or “Dubya” supporter, we can agree on one thing:

Each of them has virtues, and vices.

With our politicians, and more importantly with our fellow human beings, we have to remember to look beyond the vices, to recognize their virtues.


If you are a leader, you will be more effective in motivating your employees to higher performance levels if you take the time to discover their finest attributes, instead of identifying and publicly exposing their shortcomings.

As a subordinate, you will experience a more rapid development of professional competence if you acknowledge that the boss – “warts and all” – likely possesses meaningful strengths and knowledge in order to have achieved success.

As a family member, you can capitalize on the close proximity and benefit by emulating your parents and siblings virtues, if you would just stop focusing on their vices!

As a friend or spouse, your recognition of virtues may be the key to elevating their self-esteem and confidence to grow, and that is instrumental in building a loyal, caring, long term and positive relationship.

As a stranger, communicating a simple and genuine compliment in passing may change the trajectory of another person’s life for the better.

As we go through life, it is the recognition of the good in others, the virtues, not the vices, that allows you to grow and prosper from the relationship.  

In every human interaction tomorrow, remember to search for the good in others.

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