Thoughts From The Farm, 02/26/17

Ever heard the humorous quote “You can’t soar with the Eagles, if you hang out with the Turkeys”? My Dad told me that…

It’s a great quote for parents to throw at their teenagers, because it is very simple to get, and it is quick and catchy to deliver. But think about it…because it applies to a greater degree to adults.

If you spend a large portion of your day around negative thinking friends, family or co-workers, regardless of their level of intelligence, education or wealth, they will likely “rain on your parade”.

Hopefully, you will associate with positive, can-do people, who will challenge you to adopt the same mindset in order to achieve your potential. But what if you have to deal with sour people all day?

If they are your close friends, find new friends. The fastest path to changing yourself is to hang out with people who are already that way.

If they are your family members, place less value in their advice.

If they are your co-workers or boss, counter their negativity with a good attitude.

Be aware. You control your associations, and ultimately your attitude.

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