Guest Post on Finding Your Purpose

The power of social media networking, specifically LinkedIn, is incredible.

Last month, I was fortunate to connect with David Deane-Spread, the Founder and Chair of Metattude, a consulting firm specializing in senior executive selection, development, performance and retention.

David is an incredibly experienced leader who is a former commissioned officer in the Australian Defence Forces, a covert operations leader in law-enforcement and another discreet agency. David has served as a director and CEO of both private and public companies in Australia and overseas. He has a deep reservoir of wisdom, experience and creativity to address leadership challenges.

So it is an honor for me to share his powerful post from Metattude regarding the path to discovering your purpose after serving in the armed forces. I feel a special sense of encouragement in my nascent efforts as a blogger, because David wrote this personal post after reading my Advice For Vets post titled “Finding Your Purpose After Military Service”.

If you are searching to change your life path, especially transitioning veterans, read this post. David is a leader with a lot of wisdom to share with motivated and determined people.

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