What’s The Plan, Kid?

The average cost of a four year college education (in the U.S.) is about $120,000. For prestigious private schools, the all-in cost could climb towards $300,000.

Regardless of how the bill is paid…either via parents’ savings, scholarships, grants or student loans, we know one thing: somebody is on the hook for the amount.

Is it fair to expect that young adults figure out a life path upon high school graduation? I think so.

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Thoughts From The Farm, 4/12/17

It is always remarkable to watch the ease at which professionals execute their expertise. In any profession or skilled trade, be it law, surgery, aviation, carpentry, art, finance, construction, athletics or performing arts, the practitioner makes difficult tasks appear very easy to the unskilled eye.

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Thoughts From The Farm, 4/08/17

If you have a worthy and important personal or group goal, it is better to start it now, regardless of the time that will elapse before you achieve the goal. This applies to the young person above, and those folks (like me) more advanced in age.

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Guest Post: Stones in the Kitchen

They called themselves the “Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band” in the world, and for over 50 years their body of work proves the point. Most people, young or old, are at least somewhat familiar with the Rolling Stones, and the distinctive sound of the band. Like the Stones did in their kitchen five decades ago, it pays to keep your mindset flexible and try to break out of your comfort zone….

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Do You Want Money, Or Your Freedom?

I’ll admit, the question is simplistic and vague, and doesn’t take into account that money and freedom are not mutually exclusive.
So here is a more specific question dealing with the theme: Over the next ten years, would you trade every weekend and all evenings of your “free” time to work, in order to put yourself in a position to earn $750,000+ per year? Do you value quality of life, complete with time to nurture relationships, attend family events, and participate in extra-curricular activities?

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What Are You Looking Forward To?

It had been a year since I suited up for the Red Raiders football team, and finished an excellent career as one of the team’s star players. So when the team walked through the stadium tunnel, I could feel the old competitive juices and excitement rising as we listened to the band playing our fight song. I had goose bumps, just like the old times.
The difference was that I was dressed in normal clothes, and not in the team uniform. Past experiences generate wonderful memories, valuable lessons and treasured relationships. Looking forward, however, creates the excitement, anticipation and spirit of life…

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Diamond In The Rough

Let’s say you are graduating from high school, but are just not the “college type”. Your grades are mediocre, attention span limited, and classroom boredom level is off the chart. You were not motivated to reach your true potential in school. Now anxiety in the household is high as adulthood approaches, because “without a college degree, you are not qualified to get a good job one day!” Do you decide to go with the herd, even though the path doesn’t match your strengths and interests, and throw yourself on the college wagon, student debt and all? …

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Thoughts From The Farm, 3/24/17

So many people fall into a rut in their careers.  Not necessarily bad, but just a rut.  You have a solid job, work with nice people, fairly paid with a decent benefits package. Absolutely nothing is “wrong”, but it just doesn’t feel right.  Almost like you are simply going through the motions. Maybe you have been […]

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Thoughts From The Farm, 3/21/17

Why is it so hard to take risks? A friend of mine in New York City told me he often sits in his favorite midtown cafe, and listens to bright young people talking about the future. They are creative and have fantastic ideas about start-ups, alternative energy, financial technology developments and other future trends.  However, although they spoke […]

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Thoughts From The Farm, 3/20/17

I am always a bit perplexed when people agonize over making decisions.  I get the feeling that most people view decision making as irreversible, with pre-packaged outcomes, so they fear that “taking a go at it” will ruin their life. It doesn’t ruin your life, it is your life. This reminds me of the artificial […]

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